Privacy Policy

Your privacy is just as important to us as it is to you, and that’s why we do not use cookies when you visit the website. Once you have signed up and logged in, we will make use of the bare minimum required to make the app work. This includes a persistent first-party cookie stored on your machine. The cookie will be used by the application to remember that you are logged in. For more information about cookies please have a look here. This helps us to comply with GDPR regulations, as well as the other privacy regulations.

We firmly believe that your data belongs to you. Any data that you provide will be securely kept and encrypted on MongoDB Cloud (see below) and will not be sold. This includes any data you may enter into the app.

We do require an email address on sign-up. This will be for your convenience only, should you need to reset your password.

In the interest of providing you with the best customer service possible, we will securely store all your correspondence with us. This just helps us to improve our service and keep track of what we had discussed in the past in case you need some help again.

Services used

The following services are used by the site:
- Plausible is used for analytical purposes. They are a GDPR compliant privacy first analytics service that does not use cookies or collect any personal data. Check out their privacy policy for more details. You can also have a look at their data policy to see what they collect.

- The web application is hosted on Heroku using their EU servers. Their privacy policy can be found here.

- This page, the landing page and the documentation is hosted on Netlify's Servers. Their privacy policy can be viewed here.

- MailChimp is used for sending the newsletter, should you choose to subscribe to it, via email and their privacy policy can be found here.

MongoDB Cloud:
- All databases are all stored on the MongoDB Cloud. Their servers are hosted in the EU, and their privacy policy can be found here.

Retention of data

We will keep your data for as long as your account is active. If you delete your account then all your data will be deleted as well. Please be sure that you want to delete your account, the data cannot be recovered once deleted.

The exception to this is where we are required by law to retain your data, or may need to retain your data in order to continue providing a service. This also applies to resolving disputes and enforcing our agreements.

Please note that although we do delete your data as soon as possible, third party providers may take longer to delete your data and that your data may persist in backup copies on their servers for a period of time as required by their own policies.

Downloading your data

You can download all your data at any time from the web application. Just go to Settings and then click on "Download my data".


Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.