Keep track of your shopping

An app to keep track of your shopping trips, allowing you to know how much you spent, where and on what. Use this information to create shopping lists, allowing you to see what you should expect to spend at each store.

No need to unwittingly over spend again

Know how much you spent and where
Know how much specific items cost on average at each store
Know how the prices of the items varied over time

YOU are in control

Add your items.

Add the items that YOU are buying. No clutter resulting from items you have never bought

Add stores you personally visit.

Add the stores that YOU buy from. Different country? Different stores? No problem, since YOU are the one adding the stores.

Know the average price of your shopping list .

Using the prices that YOU have collected from YOUR shopping trips, YOU will have a much better idea how much YOUR shopping list should work out at each store.

Ultimately, plan and budget better.

All of this with the data that YOU collect.

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